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My name is Eric Sprague and I created this sports site in January 2008 shortly after Norm Chow agreed to be the Offensive Coordinator for the UCLA football team. I was having a hard time keeping up with all the Bruin sports articles from different sources so I thought it would be helpful to consolidate the UCLA football and basketball articles in one place. Hopefully other fans of UCLA athletics will get something out of this.

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New sports listings are added hourly. These listings are from the last 24 hours. See our archives for more news articles.

News ListingSourceTime
Odds of winning the ChampionshipBruin Zone Football12 pm PT
LA Times08 am PT
UCLAs Powell didnt intend to go the distanceOC Register08 am PT
INSIDE UCLA: Norman Powell wants to make sure USC ...Daily News07 am PT
Alford being fired?Bruin Zone Basketball11 pm PT
Bruins take down CSUN in fourpac-10.org11 pm PT
College baseball: Seabold solid in first CSF startOC Register11 pm PT
On the bubble: UCLA’s rivalry with USC isn&...Daily News11 pm PT
INSIDE UCLA: VIDEO: Steve Alford on UCLAs regular-...Daily News09 pm PT
I lost my confidence in Ulbrich when we had taken ...Bruin Zone Football07 pm PT
USC knows upset of UCLA would be basketball season...Daily News04 pm PT

Bruins and Lakers

Mike Tirico from ABC Sports once said that Jordan Farmar was the 15th UCLA Bruins player to be with the Lakers. Here is a list of Lakers and Bruins:
1. Brad Holland
2. Dave Meyers *** He was drafted by Lakers then traded along with Elmore Smith, Brian Winters and Junior Bridgeman to the Milwaukee for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Walt Wesley. ***
3. Gail Goodrich
4. Jack Haley
5. Jamal Wilkes
6. Jelani McCoy
7. Jordan Farmar
8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
9. Keith Erickson
10. Keith Owens
11. Lucius Allen
12. Mike Lynn
13. Swen Nater
14. Toby Bailey *** He was drafted by the Lakers then traded. ***
15. Tracy Murray
16. Trevor Ariza
17. Trevor Wilson
18. Walt Hazzard